7 Simple Tips for Effective PR

If you have decided to conduct a Public Relations campaign as part of your marketing plan there are 7 key elements that should to be considered. Looking at these elements before you commence will save you time and help to make your PR campaign more successful for your small business.

The 7 key elements which are quite simple and straightforward are:

Is it Newsworthy? Whilst the media are always looking for news, they will only report or talk about what they believe is newsworthy. Make sure you do not waste an editor’s time by providing a press release that is of interest only to you. eg. appointment of a new manager. Information on your market is more relevant to the media and your target, rather than information which is related to your business.

Is It Relevant? One of the most important things to remember when writing a press release is that the information you provide is relevant to the type of media you are targeting, in particular the media’s viewers, readers or listeners. For example, if you own a hairdressing salon and you want to target a women’s beauty magazine you may provide an article on the latest overseas hairstyles and colours.

Support Material Pictures or photos that relate to your press release may make your article more interesting. Check with the editor what format they would like the pictures/photos to be sent in eg. black and white, PDF, jpeg etc and include them with your press release.

Targeting the Right Media and Person Start developing a list of local and regional newspapers, radio and television stations, online publications that records a contact name and position (eg. editor or journalist), address, email and phone number for each media contact Find out the best way to send information to each of your media contacts and include this with their contact information. Some editors may prefer email others mail, fax or hand delivery.

Becoming an Opinion Leader If you can build a strong relationship with an editor or journalist and they begin to trust you to provide interesting and up-to-date information, they are likely to come to you first for information on your industry. This will result in you being seen by both the media and their audience as an opinion leader or authority within your industry.

Community Involvement Some businesses forget that their customers may find their involvement in the local community newsworthy. If you donate to charities or you or your employees volunteer for community services, this provides an opportunity to gain positive media exposure for your brand or business.

Tracking Results If you do receive free media coverage from your public relations tactic eg. press release, track where, when and how your information appeared. Also it is a good idea to set up a simple mechanism to see the effect your PR efforts have had on your business such as new leads, new partnerships etc.

PR can be a powerful marketing tactic for your small business and it pays to do your homework first to ensure a successful outcome.